The chairs we use in our daily life are always more or less dusty or dirty. Cleaning the chair is inevitable, so what are the points for attention to clean the chair?

      Note 1: * * Of course, to understand the material of the chair, but now the chair chair feet are generally solid wood and iron-based, stool is leather or cloth art, when cleaning the different materials of the chair cleaning method is not quite the same.

      Note 2: If it is leather chair, leather cleaner in the time * * Good now inconspicuous position to try to see if fade. If there is discoloration to dilute with water; especially dirty can use lukewarm water, let it dry naturally.

     Three points to note when cleaning chairs: Solid Wood Chair feet, you can directly wipe with a dry cloth, then hit some detergent, do not use too wet cloth to wipe, and then go to the sun dry, so that the solid wood internal decay faster.

      Four points for attention when cleaning chairs: THE GENERAL CLOTH STOOL cleaning method is to spray detergent, gently wipe. Especially dirty words can be combined with warm water cleaning agent. Don't rub the cloth with a brush, it will look old.

      Life is not a very difficult thing to clean the chair, usually often simple cleaning can be, cleaning the attention to the chair for everyone introduced here.