How to maintain

Fabric art: vacuum regularly,  well once a week; If the part is dirty, use a clean white cloth dipped with a small amount of textile detergent to wipe the dirty part repeatedly until the stain is removed. Do not use a large amount of water to scrub, so as not to damp the frame inside. If the cloth surface is removable, remove it and operate according to the washing instructions, and wash it once every 3 months to half a year.

Leather: avoid exposure to the sun, do not use alcohol and other volatile liquids to scrub, and only use dry soft cloth for daily cleaning. Avoid scratching the leather surface with sharp tools. Use leather cleaner 2~3 times a year to maintain. The cleaning of frosted leather is relatively complex, so we need to find a professional cleaning company to clean it.

Rattan weaving: usually avoid direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to the sun. When cleaning, use a soft brush to remove the dust in the gap of rattan weaving, or use a dry towel to pat for dust removal. After that, wipe the chair body with a wring wet cloth, then dry it with a dry soft cloth, and dry it thoroughly in a ventilated place. Wipe the chair with brackish water at intervals, which can not only decontaminate, but also help maintain the flexibility of the vine.