The leather office chair is usually divided into leather office chair and imitation leather office chair. Both materials have their own characteristics. We will not make a clear distinction when discussing today's topic.

1、 Advantages of leather office chair

1. Convenient cleaning: Generally, dust will only accumulate on the surface of the leather office chair. When cleaning, you only need to gently wipe it with a dry cotton cloth.

2. Comfortable sitting feeling: leather fabric, filled with high-density sponge and leather cushion, comfortable sitting feeling, strong resilience and not easy to deform.

3. Fast heat dissipation: Although the leather office chair can absorb heat, its heat dissipation performance is also excellent. Just tap it with your hand and it won't feel so hot when you sit on it again.

2、 Disadvantages of leather office chair

1. Vulnerable to damage: During normal work, try to avoid scratching the leather office chair by hard objects or sharp objects, otherwise it is easy to leave traces.

2. Easily aging: leather office chairs should be cleaned regularly and regularly waxed for maintenance during use. Careless maintenance can easily lead to cortex aging.

3. Smooth sitting feeling: In view of the characteristics of the leather, this kind of office chair will feel slippery when sitting, because the leather surface is smooth and the friction is small.