7 Tips for choosing a conference chair

With the development of the times and the progress of the Society, Conference Office Chair has become an important part of modern office. Choose Fashionable high-end Conference Office Chair, Dingyou office furniture mainly have the following tips for reference:


Many conference chair manufacturers and conference chair suppliers in order to cater to the customer\'s favorite aesthetic features to create a lot of promotional office conference chair, and some even beyond the aesthetic utility, making the utility of Office Conference Chair reduced. High-quality conference chairs should be practical-oriented, beauty as a supplement, combined to make the best quality conference chairs.

2. Smell

    Now on the market sales of office furniture, in addition to all solid wood furniture, most have wood-based panel parts. Therefore, in the purchase of special smell. If the pungent smell is big, shed tears, sneeze, chest tightness short of breath, explain the formaldehyde release quantity of the furniture is higher or the volatile organic compound content is higher, may have the question, it is recommended that you do not buy or purchase until you are sure that there are no quality or safety issues and that there is no harm.

3. SMART combination

    Combination of office furniture is now popular office furniture, this easy to disassemble the product is very convenient to use, style, style, color can be combined at will, popular, especially for large companies, more convenient.

4. Economize

    Procurement Meeting Office chair should be based on the use of the purchase of demand, in general, Office Furniture Placement area of no more than 50% of the indoor area is preferred. So grasp the savings, do not buy redundant, in addition, the proposed purchase of office chairs before the office should be measured the size and size of the office, so that the mind knows, not redundant waste, but also can save more space.

5. Complete accessories

    Office furniture hardware accessories are essential, that is, we often say office furniture accessories combination, for example, such as the desk page, handle, latch or meet, and so on, there is a good saying, called small details decide success or failure, so when purchasing office chair, hardware accessories are also need to consider things, after buying goods must check hardware accessories whether there is plating off, rust, loose, Burr, deformation and other phenomena.

6.Read the report

   “Quality and safety is the first”, in the purchase of office furniture, consumers should ask the dealer for quality inspection reports, to see whether the formaldehyde emission of furniture in the standard allowed range.

7. Ask The price

    Because the cheap artificial board used the inferior glue massively, causes the Formaldehyde to release the quantity to exceed the standard seriously. The office furniture that formaldehyde exceeds standard mostly uses cheap artificial plank, because this price often is ultra-low.

The chair blooms with the beauty of sitting

Chairs, just utility furniture? Of course not only, in the modern home, they have gradually presented their own style, set comfortable, beautiful in one.

The different spaces are presented gracefully.

In general, every space in the home will appear the shadow of a chair. The comfortable big chair can be used in the bedroom; the high-backed single chair is suitable for the living room, which can create a casual atmosphere; the streamlined shape and design sense are strong, and the chairs with reception function are suitable for the study and the studio; and the Leisure Chair, recliner, etc. , with a corner or balcony, can relax the mood, for the body“Charge.”.

Understand the function to select.

Need to understand is that the general seat from the seat height, seat depth, seat back and so on to choose. The seat is too high, the calf is easy to hang, too low hip pressure. Seat is too deep, back with support, too shallow let thigh strain, these situations will make people sit after a long time produce uncomfortable feeling. In addition, the back of the chair * * Good back or neck and so on to play a certain supporting role, * * Outside contact with the body material should be breathable, wear-resistant dirty. Of course, it all depends on the specific function of the chair to decide.

Different uses require different requirements

If it is a dining chair, its height should match the height of the dining table and the height of the user, and then observe the shape of the back of the chair, and naturally through the test to feel whether the shaking, whether the stability is enough; if it is a computer chair, * * Good choice can rotate, adjustable height, easy to find information and tools at any time. Feel the softness of the seat and the fit of the backrest to the body, as well as the smoothness of the pulleys; if it is a child\'s seat, then safety and environmental protection are important.